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Tuesday, Dec 13 2016

Issue #50, part 2: Alex de Campi

In Which Our Guest:

Alex de Campi, comic book writer and creator, joins us for part 2 of show 50 where we have our 1) Question Time and 2) What we’re looking forward to next


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Show Notes for Issue #50, part 2 of the Comics Squee Podcast

Welcome, lovely listeners and Precious Patrons of Pulp Pamphlet Parlay, to part 2 of Issue 50 of Comics Squee. Each podcast our panelists, in their flying reindeer sleighs, discuss the comic books, graphic novels, and general sequential art geekery that excites them.
Our superpowers are tangents and tentacles.
Our guest this show is comics creator Alex de Campi, who you’ll remember from No Mercy, Prison Ship Antares, and Archie Meets Predator.
In part 1 of issue 50 we squeed and tangented (copiously).
And now in part 2&helip;

Question Time: Ask Chriss questions (starts at 00:00:48.044)

_Podcast-Track-QUESTION-TIMEFor podcast 50 Chriss switched things around and had the squeesters ask HER questions. A thing she warned them about once in a past podcast and then never mentioned again because she’s a butthead.

Question 1: From John, “What is your favorite adaptation from another medium into comics” (starts at 00:01:33.333)

  • Chriss:

    My Little Pony TV show into comics are really cool. Usually it’s the other way around, comics into other media; like The Adventures of Luther Arkwright into a Big Finish audio play.

    • 1a) Tangent 1: Lettering fails kids comics (starts at 00:04:04.517)
  • Alex de Campi:

    Always claims Ichi the Killer is the best Batman / Joker movie ever made and Christoper Nolan can fight her on it, she doesn’t care. But that’s a manga adaptation. She would like to check out Darwin Cooke’s adaptaion of the Parker Series sometime, though.

  • Dave:

    There have been a few HP Lovecraft book adaptations into comics that he’s liked better. Particularly the story of Dagon from Ben Templesmith that Dave backed on Kickstarter.

  • April:

    Graphic novel version of City of GLass novel by Dave Mazzucchelli.

  • John:

    Mike Mignola’s graphic novel interpretation of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser prose series by Fritz Leiber.

Question 2: From April, “What are the things your don’t like and why?” (starts at 00:07:26.250)

We always talk about just the things we like on The Squee. But here are somethings we don’t like.

  • Chriss:
    • I have a problem parsing black and white comics because so many don’t do a good job differentiating objects and action with suitable shading and inking. For me it’s often a mush of random lines.
  • Alex de Campi:

    When artists are asked, or choose, to use celebrities in comics. For why she points you to Mark Miller’s Wanted and the pile of nope that is the main character looking like Eminem (per Mark’s specification).

    • 2a) Tangent 2: Separating artists’ despicable views from their work (starts at 00:12:13.500)
  • Dave:

    When alt history goes off the rails. Particularly like with Manhatten Project where they use all these historical people’s names and likenesses as ‘masks’ for their own characters who are totally different people. It’s like a reverse fan fiction – they’ve written their own story and then backed it up into a fandom or history. It feels flat at best.

  • John:

    When an issue of a comic doesn’t tell a complete story

    It’s at this point that Chriss drops an uncharacteristic (and beeped) F-bomb about the time DC hid most of a Batwoman meets Wonder Woman story in a sudden mid run #0 for that “Preludes” BS they pulled on all their titles and there was five pages of story, with the rest of the $5 issue being ads and a preview for a Superman story!!

What We’re Looking Forward to Reading Next (starts at 00:22:19.679)


  • John:

    Watching Luke Cage on NetFlix

  • Chriss:

    Reading more of Greg Rukka’s run on Wonder Woman (Rebirth even DC’s doing with new #1s)

  • Alex de Campi:

    Going to binge watch all of Yuri on Ice, and probably going to read Star Fighter

  • Dave:

    Reading more Assassination Classroom

  • April:

    Her Kickstrated edition of Oh Joy Sex Toy volume 3

  • Ttiles Alex recomeneded during forecasts: My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and Check Please webcomic.

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