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About Comics Squee

Comic book podcast of pulse pounding panel fun. Twice a month our sequential art loving group of women and men talk about the comics and related geekery that excites them.

Our Superpowers are tangents and tentacles


Facebook and Twitter: @ComicsSquee

Email: contact

How This Show Works

Comics Squee is a sort of audio show-and-tell. We have three regular panelists; Chriss (host), John, and April. A different guest takes the 4th chair every issue, joining us to talk about the comic books they enjoy. Each squeester picks their own topic, anything from a graphic novel to a movie. We have a fun dialog, and are often silly, as we squee about how awesome comics are.

Comics Squee’s goal is to have great conversations about comics and to expose the wide range of works out there. We like to spend your money.


You can automatically get our latest shows by subscribing to us in iTunes. We’re also available on Stitcher and Miro. Or you can enter our RSS Feed url, into your favorite podcatcher program.

If you prefer to listen online, you can play each podcast issue in our archive and read the show notes.


Some quick answers to common questions about this comics podcast:

  • Q: “Squee” ?

    A:In case this is your first meeting with this word, here’s a quick definition…

    Squee (skwee): a slang term that is a portmanteau formed by combining the words ‘glee’ and ‘squeal’

    verb: To utter or make a statement filled with pleasure and excitement about something one enjoys very much; to emit a fangirlish squeel of excitement in response to a geeky development, celebrity, event, or media property.

    noun: A written or recorded outpouring of fannish delight

    related forms: squees, squeed, squeeing

    Comics Squee specific uses: ‘squeester’ (one who squees) ; ‘squee-cording’ (recording session for one of our podcast issues)

  • Q: Do Ya’ Just Talk ‘Bout DC and Marvel Stuff?

    A: NO! No reviews. No news. The show’s 65% indie and small press, 15% the Big Two, 5% manga, 5% movies and events, and 10% tangential randomness like cats and innuendo jars.

  • Q: So, Like, You’re PG13 or What?

    A:We’re adults and we talk like adults, but we keep it clean so younger listeners can enjoy Comics Squee without their parents going, “The Pony Lady said WHAT?!” That said, we do have an innuendo jar into which many nickles go.

  • Q: Why’d You Make This Thing?

    A:Chriss started Comics Squee in August of 2013 because she wanted to listen to a comic book podcast that:

    1. is panel based
    2. has multiple women on said panel
    3. talks about more than just the Big Two
    4. discusses things they loved, instead of reviewing books
    5. is humorous and entertaining

    Chriss couldn’t find a comics podcast that met all those needs. So she got off her ass and made one herself, putting that multimedia education and experience to work.

    Our big inspirations were SF Squeecast and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me.

  • Q: What Kind of Guests Do You Have?

    A:Basically, our guests are interesting people we want to spend an hour talking to about how great comics are. We typically find our guests by going, “this book is awesome” or “that convention panelist was great” or “I love this website”… and then Chriss asks them if they can come out to play.

    To be technical, Comics Squee guests are comics fans AND also one of the following:

    • creators (comics, games, webisodes, etc)
    • writers (comics, novels, etc)
    • artists (comic book and/or illustration)
    • other industry pros (colorist, letterer, editor, publisher, etc)
    • comic shop owners or employees
    • commentators on pop culture and/or comics
    • someone we know (a pool that joyfully includes many folks in the above categories)

Our Merry Squeesters

The girls and guy of Comics Squee bring a range of tastes and backgrounds to the podcast.

  • Chriss Cornish

    Our host and producer. Plus audio editor, web designer, and graphic artist.

    Chriss’ love of comics started with reading her Dad’s issues of Doctor Strange. Like many she lost interest in superhero comics in the late 1990s, but was introduced to indie and small press comics thanks to SDCC. She also hosts the San Diego Reads Comics in Public Day event each year.

    • Favorite Comic Character:

      Dr. Strange.

    • Favorite Kind of Comics:

      Cross-genre Noir and Manga

    • Currently Reading:

      Captain Marvel, Drumhellar, My Little Pony

    • Twitter:


  • Podcast_bio_headshot-John_OliverJohn W. Oliver

    John is a writer of urban and dark fantasy novels. He was a big collector of comics in the 1980s and ’90s, but lost interest like so many in that XTREME era. His interest has rekindled thanks to works like Hellboy and the Ninja Turtles revival. Now his favorite titles are works like Chew, A Criminal, and Red Sonja (as written by Gail Simone)

    John is also married to Chriss and it’s his office we squee-record in.

    • Favorite Kind of Comics:

      Crime and horror

    • Currently Reading:

      Red Sonja (by Gail Simone), Pretty Deadly

    • Contact John: ~ @johnwoliver

  • Podcast_bio_headshot-John_OliverApril Taie

    April comes to comics later than Chriss and John (who started collecting as kids). Her introduction came in college when a friend recommended Maus by Art Spiegelman. Her interests run the gamut from Allen Moore’s Swamp Thing to biographical works like March to fairy tale re-tellings like Castle Waiting.

    She runs the Geek Girls meetup in San Diego and heads a graphic novel reading group.

    • Favorite Kind of Comics:

      Anything with tentacles, and graphic novels where characters find their place in the world

    • Currently Reading:


Our Mascot: The Squee