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Saturday, Jan 3 2015

Issue #030: Best of The Squee 2014

In Which Our Guest:

We revisit our favorite shows of 2014 and replay our favorite moments with our favorite guests of last year. Plus our favorite reads of ’14.


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Show Notes for Issue #30 of the Comics Squee Podcast


Happy New Year, lovely listeners! Welcome to Issue 30 of Comics Squee. Our super powers, as they ever were, are tangents and tentacles.

Each podcast my merry squeesters and I, April Taie and John Oliver, are joined by a different guest to discuss the comics and general sequential art geekery that excites us. We love luring you to buy awesome stories.

THIS show, though, is a little different. The future us are having a bit of a holiday this month, there in 2015. Because past us, here in 2014, are doing a bit of a Best Of The Squee.

That’s right, we’re going to tell you which guests or squees were our favorite from 2014 and why. THEN we’ll play ‘em for you, so we can all relive the fun.

Many people graciously joined us on The Squee in 2014. Here’s a quick list in chronological order, just to heighten your anticipation of discovering who our favs were: Katie Cook, JM Perkins, Alex de Campi, Jonathan Maberry, Kelly Sue DeConnick, JM Perkins again, Leia Weathington, Paul Cornell, Amy Reeder, Batton Lash, Mel Dale again, Jerzy Drozd, Alex de Campi again, Cullen Bunn, Sarah Jordan, Brandon Montclare, Khai Krumbhaar, Daniel Wheatfall, Erin Polgreen, Tamahome02000, Justine Dolorfino, Dan Whitworth again, Lucy Belwood, and Didi Tee. Whew!

  1. April’s favorite guest of 2014: Leia Weathington (starts at 00:02:24.250)

    This was April’s favorite show of the year because everyone clicked really well and sounded spot on and super smart. PLUS, Leia turned out to be a friend of the creator of April’s squee, Meanwhile by Jason Shiga – which we didn’t know ahead of time. And we ended up WAY overthinking the economy of Bizzaro World.

  2. Chriss favorite guest(s) of 2014

    Since she makes the rules Chriss picked TWO favorite guests.

    1. Katie Cook (starts at 00:15:41.500)
    2. Paul Cornell (starts at 00:30:40.517)
  3. John’s favorite guest of 2014: Alex de Campi (starts at 00:50:29.282)

    John’s favorite show of the year was the first time Alex joined us. She recommended ALL the things.

Question Time: What were your favorite reads of 2014 (starts at 00:56:28.917)


  • Chriss:
    • Drumhellar
    • Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland
    • My Little Pony: Friends Forever issue were Discord teams up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders
    • re-reading Yotsuba
    • Hawkeye
    • Black Widow
  • John:
    • finishing up Locke and Key
    • Velvet
    • seeing more of Fatale
    • Chew
  • Apri:
    • Sex Criminals
    • Saga

What We’re Looking Forward to Reading Next (starts at 00:56:21.125)

More awesome comics!


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