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Chris Tschetter

Here is the full list of all posts in and issues of Comics Squee that are categorized as Chris Tschetter. Just click on a title, or the 'more' link, to view the show notes and listen.

  • Saturday, Jan 14 2017

    Issue #51: Best of the Squee 2016 – Question Times

    In Which Our Guest:

    We revisit our Question Time queries of 2016, featuring guests Jen Wang, Alex de Campi, Dan Whitworth, Jesse Butler, Katherine Buffington, Sarah Jordan, and Chris Tschetter.

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  • Sunday, Jan 31 2016

    Issue #045: Chris Tschetter

    In Which Our Guest:

    Chris Tschetter, comics fan, joins us to talk about… 1) Scalped 2) Steven Universe 3) Girls 4) Adele Blanc Sec 5) Question Time: What’s your favorite comic with dinosaurs? 6) What we’re looking forward to next

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